Express entry offer letter

Hi all,

Thanks for creating and maintaining this community. I have been in EE pool for more than a year with CRS of 475. I am looking to boost this score by using a job offer and LMIA. Can anyone help with any tips or intricacies involved in this process?

I am currently in Bay area US working for a tech firm as a full time employee. my company has a branch in canada and i want to continue working from that ofc.

Thank you very much in advance

Hi Stephen,

You can check with your office’s immigration team if they’re willing to do a LMIA for you in Canada and provide a Job offer. It will gain you 50 points and possibility of getting an ITA in the next few draws.

GTS-LMIA takes 2 weeks (Doesn’t need advertisements if you fit in the eligible criteria - Salary, NOC etc.,)
GTS-WP takes around 3-5 weeks usually from US, not sure about the current timeline.

Once you receive the work permit, you can travel to Canada. You can claim the points once you start working.