Express Entry profile cancelled as incomplete

Hi all , I have submitted my profile through express entry and received and ITA too. After ITA I have paid all the fees and also have uploaded all the documents as per the checklist. A few days ago I was asked for an additional document for additional family information. I have filled the same and uploaded the same the very next day but yesterday I got a notification stating the my application was canceled as incomplete. It said that the document they asked for was missing. I very well remember to have uploaded it. I there a possibility of the glitch in the system from my end or also their end due to which they might have not got the document. They have asked to me to submit a new profile through express entry. I have also raised a web query for the same and have provided them document that they asked for hoping for a solution. I got the notification late on Friday so I am unable to contact the customer service of IRCC till Monday now. Anyone with the similar experience able to help ? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or tips for a possible resolution to this problem. I am hoping for them to open the same application again!!

I would recommend start the EE profile with all the relevant documents but also follow up with IRCC as to why the uploaded document was not considered; it could be a glitch or an oversight from their side. Canceled application due to incompleteness do not negatively affect your future application.

We were asked for an additional document in our application too, we submitted it (or so we thought) and then several days later we noticed in our account that the document had been “uploaded” but not “submitted to IRCC.” There were two different steps we had to take to fully submit it, and it wasn’t super clear from the start. We were lucky enough to catch it just in time, but perhaps this is what happened to you to? Either way, I would definitely reach out to IRCC and perhaps resubmit the whole application if necessary. Sorry this is happening for you! I hope you get it figured out. Best of luck.