Express entry profile - education section

Hello Everyone,

While filling out the express entry profile in the education section, should I mention and include my undergrad credentials as well or should I include my highest educational achievement.

I’ve got my masters evaluated by WES and not my undergrad.


@mahi only the Highest degree ( Masters in your case ) in the education section.
Everything else in the personal history section.

Thank you sher.sfo.

I have a another question, so per my job code 2147, is licensing required for a VLSI engineer ?

@mahi No Idea

Found few links for your reference

Check on canada visa, you will find few people discussing about it.

I’ll check them out, thanks for the help though. Appreciate it :slight_smile:

I don’t think so. Though I am confused whether we should apply under Computer Engineers or Electornics/Electrical Engineers .

I guess it boils down to our job descriptions !