Express entry profile rejected


I got a message today in my express entry inbox saying that I am not eligible for express entry and the profile is rejected. The letter does not state any particular reason but shows examples as to why a candidate will be found ineligible.
The reasons are:

• not having a valid language test,
• language test results that are more than two years old,
• a language test score that is too low,
• not having enough relevant work experience,
• not having the required education level,
• not having enough funds.

Upon reviewing my IELTS score sheet, I found that I had appeared for the test on 18-Aug-2018, so based on that one reason could be that my score is expired and hence my profile was rejected.

Also for federal skilled worker program, do you require minimum 7 in all 4 abilities? or a cumulative score of 7 for IELTS?
(My overall score is 7 but I have 6.5 in listening and writing)


Thank you

I think your language score has to be current i.e. IELTS score cannot be older than two years.

ok thank you for your reply. I am going to take the test again anyways. So any info on whether the minimum score is calculated per ability or cumulative ?


Assuming you applied for FSW program.
Listening 8, reading-wrriting-speaking 7 each.
8777. Any less would drop the score by a lot and the score would not be eligible for FSW cutoff.

You can calculate you score here