Express entry steps/process for Canadian PR

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I understand that you are still migrating from WordPress but in the meanwhile can you please point me to an article/post by you which describes in detail as to what all is required for folks from US on H1b who wants to apply for PR in Canada.


Have you seen the post about the express entry process. In short I’ve listed below the main 3 things you need to start a profile on the CIC website. This information will help calculate your final score and that score will determinate if you get an invite to complete the process and get PR.

  1. IELTS Scores - An english language test (Added points if you wife has it too and for French)
  2. ECA - Education assessment.
  3. NOC - National Occupation Classification.

Details on applying for Canada PR using Express Entry

Finding for your NOC

The above url has further details and links to more details about IELTS, ECA and NOC.

Thanks for the quick reply !