Extension of Passport submission

Hi All - We got a mail today to submit our passports, however my wife is in India and I am scheduled to travel next week with H1B stamping planned. Is there a way we can request the extension of the deadline to submit the passport? Anyone has encountered similar situation in past?

Hi All - I was able to extend my passport submission date by 60 days by following the below process/steps

  1. Drop an email to “IRCC.CIO-BRCD.IRCC@cic.gc.ca”
  2. Provide the reason for the need of extension in details
  3. Attach the copy of relevant documents that serves as the proof for the need of extension (I had submitted fight tickets and H1B stamping appointment confirmation page)
  4. Provide your ECI and EE profile details

I had received the reply in couple of days the first time I mailed and in 3 weeks from the day i mailed to clarify doubts in the original response received.

Hope this could be of help to others in the similar situation or in need to extend the timelines for passport submission