F-1 visa expired and currently doing second masters, planning to do soft landing and re-enter using AVR, any thoughts?

Hi all,

I’m reposting since I didn’t get a response the first time. I am currently doing my second masters and will be working as well using Cpt before i move finally to canada. I used my OPT and i have just recently started my second masters, i am planning to fly to Toronto for soft landing and spend about two days. I am planning to re-enter the US using AVR. I have a few questions:

  1. Can anyone share their experience of obtaining a boarding pass from US to Canada? i’ve seen that it could be difficult sometimes
  2. When i want to re-enter into the us? if the immigration officer asks what i went to canada for? is it okay to tell them for PR landing?
  3. Does anyone have a similar experience? also, will it raise any flags that im doing second masters when planning to re-enter the US?

4 Does the immigration officer in canada ask how long one will be there for? does the answer affect anything?

Please help

  1. Boarding pass, for which direction (Canada to US I presume)?
  2. Yeah that should be fine, although they will be more interested in your purpose in the US.
  3. Really depends on CBP officer questioning you. Unless asked, no need to mention first masters. As long as you have all the required documents for your current masters (minus the visa), you should be OK. But make sure you have a valid and truthful reason ready if asked about it.
  4. They may ask, but it doesn’t affect the landing process.

@avj Hi, thanks. yes obtaining a boarding pass from US to Canada. Thanks for your responses, I currently have a ticket booked but now having second thoughts because I wonder if the Masters or CPT raises a red flag

HI @Msmg

Did you actually go through with soft landing? Appreciate if you can post your experience.

Were you not suppose to Self-Quarantine yourself from 15 days in Canada before you plan to return to US? Please be aware of the travel restrictions in place and other guidelines put forth before you plan your travel.

And @avj have answered most your questions.

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