F1-OPT and Express Entry



Hope things are going well. I am reaching out with regards to applying for Express Entry while on F-1 OPT. I understand that there is no restriction on applying for Express Entry while on F-1 OPT. Can we apply for Express Entry while on OPT and simultaneously apply for H1-B. Say If I apply for EE and get PR sometime between February- March, can my employer still apply for H1-B in April?

I am planning to work in Canada, but was wondering if I can get H1-B as well during the same year and if there will be any issues with regards to visa stamping , approvals for H1-B if picked …etc . My employer has offices in Canada as well and I would like to work in US for sometime and then move to Canada to maintain my status.



Application for H1B has nothing to do with Express entry, I was on the same boat and it didn’t make any difference. You should be good!


Hi Kapil, thanks a lot for your response. I apologize for asking repetitive questions, but it would be very helpful if you can provide some information on approx. timelines you went through for both processes like when you had entered into EE pool, got PR approved and H1-B process. Also, does US immigration ask anything specific if we get Canada PR first and file for H1-B?



There is no co-relation between Canadian PR and US Immigration - as far as I know and thinking logically - Both the countries do not care of what you do with other countries immigration.

I started my process i.e. IELTS, ECA, Police Certificate Etc. in May and got into EE pool in July while on OPT, I moved to H1B this month. I submitted my EE application last month and it is pending with IRCC.