Family sponsored PR for spouse and school-going kid

I am creating this thread because my situation kind of unique. I have done some research but want to understand if someone if this forum have been through this process.

This is the scenario:
I am currently working in the USA and have completed my landing recently.
But I did not include my wife, my kids (8 years, Indian citizen + 8 months, US citizen) in the application.
My plan is to move to Canada some time in 2020 (if everything goes per plan).

My question is surrounding the family-sponsored PR for my wife, and kids.

These are the options I see:

Option 1:
Get their tourist VISA, move to Canada and apply for family-sponsored PR for all of them.
Apparently, it taken 5-12 months (current processing time based on IRCC site is 16 months).

Advantage: we can stay together throughout the process.
Disadvantage: my wife will not be able to work and son will not be able to go to the school.

Option 2:
They go back to India and take a break.
I move to Canada and apply for family-sponsored PR for all of them.
They join me once they have the PR.

Advantage: free to work and go to school once their PR is approved.
Disadvantage: they have to move back to India and stay there until the PR is approved.

Is there anything that I am missing?
Did anyone knows about this route/have gone through this route?

I completely understand it’s tricky and any help would be very helpful.

Thank you

Apparently for students, Canada has something like this: “Canada student dependent visa for spouse”
And possibly for work-permit holders as well.

But, nothing for PR holders is little weird. May be I am missing something

I will keep updating based on whatever info I find.
I found out that kids can actually go to school in Canada without any problem if one of the parents is a citizen or PR.