FBI Fingerprinting in INDIA


Recently I moved back to India, after 7+ years in USA and now I’m trying to gather the required paper work to apply for a Canadian PR under Express Entry. The only thing which is unclear to me is, how to get the fingerprints done.

I don’t see any such service in my city and I don’t think doing it myself is acceptable by FBI. Any ideas, on how to get the fingerprints done so that I can apply my PCC online (FBI EDO) and mail my fingerprint card to USA ?


You can do it yourself. Lot of people here in US do it themselves.


Thanks Vignesh, for the response.

In that case, I can print the fingerprints(FD-258) on a A4 paper and use a black stamp-pad to complete the process and mail it to USA ? Referring a video like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5jib9Zu-PI


I Googled and found this link for fingerprinting services which people have used in India:

I don’t know whether you stay in any of these cities but apparently there are a bunch of agencies which do your fingerprinting. As @vignesh.pr said, you can also do it yourself.


Thanks @mrandmrs for the reply.
I’ve already seen the link which you’ve mentioned. Though not close, Chennai is about 8-9hrs far from my city and I tried reaching forensic lab in my city, but unfortunately they don’t do it. So, I’m going ahead doing it myself and will post an update based on the outcome.

Once again, thanks for the prompt replies.


The FBI has implemented a new option to electronically submit requests and receive responses for Identity History Summary Checks and Identity History Summary Challenges. The new eDO option will allow for faster processing of requests. Visit https://www.edo.cjis.gov. Please submit it electronically. Its pretty simple and fast. No need to go to any agencies. I did like this and i got my PR approved already


Thanks @akopein , for your reply.

Though we opt for EDO , its still required to mail fingerprints irrespective of the method. Can you please be more precise on how you have done your fingerprints - Is it LiveScan or Ink-Paper method and have you mailed/posted them to FBI ?

It’s mentioned on the FBI EDO site “Fingerprints taken with ink or via live scan are acceptable. If your fingerprints are taken via a live scan device, a hard-copy must be generated so the fingerprint card can be mailed to the FBI.”