Fedex: Shipment requires commercial invoice

Hi all,
My passport after stamping was dispatched from Ottawa yesterday night. It was supposed to deliver Thursday (tomorrow). However in the morning when I tracked, I saw a message showing “Shipment Requires a commercial invoice” and delivery date has changed to “No scheduled delivery date available at this time”.
Has anybody faced this situation as well? If yes, what is it I might have to do at my end? I am using Fedex
Thanks all.

This thread MIGHT help:

Just curious…how much value did you declare when creating the return label on Fedex website?

THanks Sid for the link. i called Fedex and they just asked me what are the contents (I am not sure why) and they said they will forward it to the Customs for clearance. They said there is nothing I need to do on my end so thats a big relief.

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That’s great news!! Could you reveal when your passport reached Ottawa?

Feb 3rd