Filing CA taxes on the first year of residence

Hi, I got my PR and did a soft landing in March 2019, and I permanently moved to CA on Jan 1st, 2022. I didn’t file any CA taxes so far since I wasn’t a resident for tax purposes. I know I will not have contributions room for RRSP in 2022. But do I have to file taxes for 2021 before May 2, 2022 to be able to get the RRSP contributions room for 2023 or even if not for RRSP, am I legally required to file my 2021 returns for foreign income? If I do so, will I become liable to pay any tax or just filing a zero return should work?

Sorry, Ik this question may have been repeated in other posts, but I could not really narrow down the posts. Feel free to link those posts in the comment if this is a repeat. Thanks.

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In 2019 your PR card was initiated or you got PR card when you finally moved in canada in 2022?

You don’t have to file taxes as you were not a resident of Canada for tax purposes and did not have Canadian sourced income.