Filling UCI in Unaccompanying, PR Spouse Form


Dear friends,
Have a question while filling the PR Application after receiving ITA. Under " Unaccompanying, PR Spouse Form / Personal Details / Immigration history and citizenships"

The first question under this section is “Unique Client Identifier (UCI)”. On clicking the help link, it indicates “This is the client identification number (client ID) that is on official documents you get from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It has eight or 10 numbers. (Example: 0000-0000 or 00-0000-0000). If you are applying for the first time, you will not have a UCI yet.

I am applying first time after receiving ITA and I seem to have an UCI in the format CAN0000******** ( * s are numbers). Please note this is different from the "Express entry Profile number: E00******* ( * s are numbers). Both these are found in the page “Express Entry profile status” under My Account.

Question is, should I enter this UCI for my Unaccompanying, PR Spouse while filling the Form (under " Unaccompanying, PR Spouse Form / Personal Details / Immigration history and citizenships") or this is probably a number asking if my Unaccompanying Spouse had an UCI already by any chance (like if spouse applied previously etc) ?

Thanks in Advance for all your help



If you’ve never applied and you’re spouse never applied then none of you have a UCI. I checked my own ITA, and AoR (acknowledgement of receipt) from last year and it does not have any UCI number on mine, just a couple of bar codes. I do have one on my CoPR and it starts with “UCI 1103------”. Check if any of your profile pages/documents have this kind of number, else select NO. I did not find any CAN00* numbers on my profile page.



Thank you Anshul for your quick response …When I click “Online Services” or “Your Account” link in my express entry profile , it gives me the option to click “Check Full Application Status” and when I click that it has two headings “Candidate Information” and “Details about your profile”. Under “Candidate Information” Unique Client Identifier (UCI): CAN0000******** there is this field just under my name. (Pls see attached screenshot ) So it kind of confused me, as in “Is the UCI alloted as soon as someone receives the ITA”. But from your post , looks like the UCI # starts with UCI *****. So may be I’ll leave it blank for now. Hopefully it wont cause any issues. In fact this question ias asked only for unaccompanying spouse and not for me …



Also Anshul I found these two links and
which says the UCI number is of format 0000-0000 or 00-0000-0000. I think your UCI you referred was also in the format UCI-0000-0000 OR UCI - 00-0000-0000 ?

Plus from these links , looks like a UCI gets generated after the med exam initially (probably in CAN*******) format and then another UCI comes after submitting the profile … I think for now ill say NO in my spouse’s question and hope for the best …



That’s interesting. I cannot see CAN* in any of my documents, maybe they changed the system and are giving temporary UCI numbers? Either way, you can also put your screenshot in the letter of explanation saying you weren’t sure what the number was so you selected “NO”. If it’s inconsequential they’ll just ignore it.

I don’t know about the dashes but my UCI number starts with 1103xxxxxx. No dashes. I only have this number and my E00xxxx number.



OK got it. Thank you so much for your time Anshul. I’ll do as you advised. Will add screenshots with an LOE.