Filling up the travel history section in the application

I am confused about filling up the travel history section.

The section states the following “Provide details of any trips XXXX has taken outside his/her country of origin or of residence in the last ten years”.

What constitutes country of residence for Indians who moved to the US for studies and subsequently lived in the states for work? I am assuming the country of residence would be the US and not India.

So does that mean you only specify the time you spent outside the US in the travel history for example a trip to India or somewhere else?

The way i have filled up this section is I have specified the time I have spent within the US apart from the time spent outside the US in the last 10 years.

Any guidance on the correct way to fill this section will be appreciated specially for US based candidates.

An infinite loop for Indians who originate in India and reside in US and travel back and forth every year :laughing:

If I remember correctly, when I submitted my application I had taken 3 trips to India after having lived in US for many years, and one to Spain. I added all these 4 vacations + my first one way trip to US years ago.

I don’t think this is something that makes or breaks your application, it’s more like a background check to see if you’ve traveled to troubled regions.


Thanks Anshul. Appreciate the input

:laughing: just use a goto 1 statement at the bottom the page.

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The way I understand the following instructions “provide details of any trips XXXX has taken outside his/her country of origin or of residence in the last ten years” is no need to include trips to India (if that’s your country of origin) or to USA (if that’s your country of residence).

Yup all trips outside India or the US.

when we specify the first entry of travel for first time from India to USA then do we need to select “ongoing trip” for TO date or should we enter TO date as a date when we travelled for vacation from USA to India next time?

In our case, we had left the US for good when we got our ITA so we entered all our FROM dates as when we went out of India and all TO dates when we returned to India.

I am still confused with this section.

I came from India to the US in 2014 for my Masters and made just one trip to India in 2015. Now what should I enter in this section?

Should I keep this section blank (Select NO to this question) as US is my Country of Residence and India is my Country of Origin.

Note - US has been my country of residence since 2014.

@avj @mrandmrs @anon25417004

Sorry, I wasn’t in that situation so don’t know how to tackle that one. If I was, I would have probably just considered all trips from my country of nationality (India) and not from my country of residence (US). It would simply streamline the information from one fixed point instead of two. However, since I haven’t had to go through this case, I’d leave it up to others who went through the scenario to answer this one.

@arun.dash90 You don’t have to mention trips to India or USA since India is country of origin and USA is country of residence.

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@avj Just wanted to know your thoughts as you were in similar situation - and anyone who can chip in -

It says 10 years. I have been in the US from the last 5 years and made 2 trips to India I have added them and also the first “To” Trip to USA as ongoing.

Prior to coming to US in the last 10 years I ahve made Multiple trips abroad. How do i enter that and how will they know the country of origin that I am leaving from as at that time, I travelled from UK, India and one other country.

Your help is appreciated.

Thank you

If it’s asking for travel history in the past 10 years, and not before that, then you don’t need to add anything beyond the last 10 years.

If you had made multiple trips in the last 10 years, just add those. You can probably find the departure and return dates from old boarding passes/emails. Simple.


I added the information in the last 5 years - what about when I was in india or in england do I add that - only question is they wont know the origin straightaway.

How long of a travel history have they asked? If it says 10 years you add all your foreign trips within the last 10.

They asked 10 years - but what i mean to ask is before the last 5 , I lived in UK, India should I mention all the trips I took from those countries too if it is in the last 10?

Yes you should…



I am currently filling my PR application and have a question regarding travel history.

For last 10 yrs history, I have lived in India, UK And US. While I was in UK for 3 years working, I travelled a lot within Europe for business and tourism.
My questions are -

  1. At the time of traveling within Europe, I was living in UK so my country of residence was UK… in this situation, do I need to not enter any time I entered uk since I was living there OR should I add the entries to UK as well since my current country of residence is US now.
  2. Do I need to enter all the countries I travelled within Europe when there won’t be any stamps on my passport due to schenghen visa

Also, just to confirm, I should not be adding any entries of travel to India from USand UK OR travel to US due to country of origin and country of residence.

The official word I believe is:

Provide details of any trips Person has taken outside his/her country of origin or of residence in the last ten years (or since his/her 18th birthday if this was less than ten years ago). Include all trips: tourism, business, training, etc.

This means unless you’re traveling strictly between India and US as end points, that trip has to be included.

  1. If you remember your travel dates in various European countries, I would add those. They usually never ask for proof of travel history. But a lot of time, western countries (North America, EU-zone, Australia, NZ etc) exchange share a lot of information (check ‘Five Eyes’) including movement of people(passport scans), movement of money for preventing money laundering etc…
    This means if you traveled to a country in EU where your information was entered into the system and if they match it with your travel history during background check, and if there’s a mismatch, you don’t want that to delay your background check.

I can imagine this being a pain if you’ve made several trips each year, but better put as much information as you can.

  1. When CIC says between country of residence need not be added, I think they mean current country of residence, i.e. US. I would consider UK as a third country and add travel to/from UK, just like point 1. above. You should definitely enter all trips where they have stamped your passport at entry/exit, apart from trips between country of origin and current residence.

I think CIC will know that Schengen area travelers usually don’t get stamps on passports, but unless you’re driving everywhere, you need to show passport while boarding a flight etc. (I remember I had to show my passport at all Schengen airports as US driving license was not acceptable).

@arun.dash90 - I am in the same situation as you are. How did you go about filling this?

Please advise