Financial Letter

My bank gave me a letter indicating average balance for past 6 months and current balance for both checking and savings accounts but for credit card account they said they can’t provide such letter because it is handled by different department and they can just send me the credit card statements. Is it okay if I just attach the current month credit card statement which would reflect my debt and outstanding balance?

Will there be a problem with this approach?

You dont need to show credit card info. The letter you have is good enough as long as it has required funds in CAD equivalent.

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The bank refused to mention the funds in CAD currency. It has the local currency.

Reg Credit card info : The document check list explicitly mentions it. Can I just attach the last statement?

That’s ok. Just make a cover letter yourself in the beginning listing those amounts in CAD as per exchange rate on that date. That’s what I did. It works.


For Credit card ,is it okay to just attach the last statement? My bank wouldn’t give me a letter for that.

Yes that is fine.

My bank refused to provide 6 month average balance. They issued letter with balance on current date. Is it okay to attach 6 month of bank statements along with current balance letter?

Yes that will be OK. Make sure you mention the financial details you want to share, on a cover letter.

Thanks a lot @avj
Also did you have bank account opening date in the letter? I read that in the cic guidelines for financial documents.