Finding Realtors and Renting homes/condos | Credit Score questions

Hi. I will be making a move from Bay Area to North York area in a couple months.
It’s getting hard for me to find realtors who would help us find a rental without a Credit score report and paystubs.
I have so far spoken to few realtors and I have been told its very hard to find a place without a credit report. Since I am yet to move, I don’t have any paystubs generated either. Any pointers on how you guys managed to find a rental in Toronto ? Any realtor leads/ references you can share ?

P.S- I spoke to the realtors listed on and zolo. And the main reason for going via a realtor is that the ads on most of the listings don’t say they are pet friendly or not. Going through a realtor really helps us save time on finding something that suits our requirements.


Hello, I am also moving from the US next month and I was able to find a place in Mississauga. Some realtors and Listing Agents ( Landlord’s) accept US credit history and score to gauge our credit worthiness, at least that’s what happened in my case.

I worked with Zolo and would recommend it. Specifically I worked with Meera Chaudhery and Rupa Dhooria. You can look em up in Zolo or text/call them.

Meera -
Rupa -

I will also PM you their contact number.

Hope it helps ! Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you so much for the contacts. I will reach out to them !!

Hi @OhCanada Would you mind sharing what is the range of rents you observed in Mississauga based on working with the realtor? Particularly, I am curious what rent a 2-3 bedroom apartment or townhouse or house is going for these days. Of course, it is dependent on the location. Any insights would be helpful.

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Hello Arjun,

2 Bed in a condo type apartment was anywhere between 2200 - 2500 excluding utilities.
You could get a cheaper one in the range of 2000- 2200 if you are ok with a basement house.

Similarly you could get 3 bed in the range of 2400 and above if you are ok with a different tenant in the basement.

If you need the entire house(semi detached) for yourself, a 2 bed would be in the range of 2500. 3 bed atleast 300 more.

Townhomes with finished basement are atleast 2600-2700 to begin with, unfinished might be 2500.

I looked at all options and finally got a 3 bed on a main floor for 2400. Basement is for a different tenant.

I also looked at Townhouse apartment by Daniels Gateway and Glen Erin Properties. They might still be available

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Great info @OhCanada ! Thanks a bunch. One more question. Were any of the places whose rent you quoted relatively close to the GO station (for commuting to downtown Toronto)? Just wondering how much the rents will increase from the numbers you mentioned if I want a place at walking distance to a GO station to take the GO train to downtown Toronto.

Yes, some of them were near to the Go stations, but you have to drive - 10 or 15 mins. Only one of it I looked at was at a walking distance from the Cooksville Go station. I forget the name of the Condo though, sorry !

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One of our friend family in Brampton (GTA) is getting their Brand New 2 room legal basement ready for rent out from Mid March. Let me know if anybody is interested to take it from March or April.