First Application Says Not Eligible


I literally just submitted my application 10 minutes ago and got a message saying “I am no longer eligible to be in the pool” and that I “don’t meet the minimum criteria”. When I used the ‘Come to Canada’ tool a few weeks back it said I was eligible for Express Entry. It’s also not showing any scores.

Profile wise I am single, 38, 7+ years US experience, IELTS 9, Masters and Bachelors from US

Is it a matter of waiting a bit or is this basically it? Also anyone know the latest CRS cut-off score? Thanks!


What do you mean “submitted your application”? For EE profile or just for the CRS calculator? What’s your score? Did you say “No” for the ECA question?

If you made a mistake and can’t determine why then just create a new profile from scratch with new email address and all the works, and then resubmit.


Thanks for the response. Yes I submitted my profile for Express Entry - the very first step so that they can determine if you are eligible for the pool or not. I did reply ‘No’ for the ECA question because the ECA is still in the works and from other threads on this forum I surmised that you can submit your profile without ECA and it won’t hurt your CRS - perhaps that is not correct?

Thanks for tip about creating with new e-mail address.


I think that was it. Good catch @anshul.v.joshi


Yes, will wait until I get ECA results and then just submit again. Thanks.


Does the EE profile submission ask for the ECA number ?


Not sure. I had my ECA when I submitted. @vik any thoughts?


So it asks if you got an ECA done - however if you say ‘No’, it does not ask for ECA number and allows you to submit the EE Profile nonetheless. Only if you answer ‘Yes’ to the ECA question does it ask for the ECA number. That’s the flow, I checked with a new e-mail.


Hmm…that is weird; I’m not exactly sure if there’s a workaround. If you select “Yes” without entering a number does it let you go forward? This is kind of a gray-area since you are going to get ECA eventually, you can select “yes” if it lets you go forward without the number, since you are technically not misrepresenting anything. If the ECA number is mandatory, you will have to wait for the ECA. If you want to play it safe I’d say wait for the ECA. @vik any thoughts?


I suppose I could try selecting Yes and not putting in ECA as I am also just plain curious at this point :slight_smile: - but am leaning towards playing it safe and waiting until I get ECA.


Update: I submitted my profile again after I got the WES certification and entered the certification details this time and it placed me in the pool. So moral of the story is submit your profile only after you get the ECA evaluation since you need to fill those details - don’t be fooled if the system lets you submit profile without ECA details since if you do so it will say you are ineligible.


by ECA evaluation… do you mean Education Evaluation like of Bachelors or Masters?


Yes, ECA stands for Educational Credential Assessment. You have to get your highest degree evaluated from one of the designated ECA firms. The most popular one is WES Canada. This can be a little complicated based on where your degree is from and based on that what documents you will need to submit. There are various threads on there about this additionally the WES Canada website itself has a lot of information.Without an ECA you cannot claim the degree on your Express Entry application.

Use this below tool from WES Canada to see what documents you need to send.

WES Canada ECA website.


Please go through step by step guide to express entry


Or the simpler version if you want to understand the basics of Express Entry quickly.