First steps to apply for PR

Hello everyone,

THis group is very helpful. I have gone through some topics. Here is my scenario, please suggest and help

My profile:
on H1 in US since last 10 years, age: 40, hold a masters degree from India. two USC kids and h4 wife. Planning to move to Canada to bring parents as well. no job offer from Canada as of now. so my quetsion is

  1. I see I can apply via express entry, but what are PNP and ONIP etc. how do I know which one is better for me

  2. if I simulate my CRS score giving IELTS score of 7.5, 8, 8 and even for my wife as well, I am seeing around 416 only, I think it is very low, how do I improve that.

  3. If I get a job offer from Canada, do me and my wife still has to go through IELTS etc?


Hi Santosh,

Let me try to answer whatever I can based on my experience.

  1. PNP programs : Most provincial programs require a job offer from an employer in that province or your profession to be in demand in that province. Selecting a province really depends on which one you want to settle in (temporary or permanently) or which one can offer you a chance of PR through one of its programs.
    I’ll suggect to search for provincal programs like Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta if you want similar lifestyle as in US. It looks like you are in IT. First thing you need to do is find your corresponding NOC based on your work/designation (you’ll find a ton of info on this on Google). Ontario invites a lot of IT professionals. BC and Alberta would mostly require you to have a job offer from an employer based in that province. saskatchewan has also been inviting a lot of IT folks recently.

  2. Express entry : 416 is low TBH. Try increasing your score by improving your IELTS. The other best thing would be to try and get a job offer from a Canadian employer which would give you a 50 or 200 point boost.
    Else if you can get a transfer to Canada with your US employer, and gain 1 year of experience here, you will also get additional points for Canadian experience after 1 year.

  3. Getting a job offer opens up two pathways for you to migrate to Canada. One is PR for which you have to get an invite based on the points and it would still require IELTS for the primary applicant as a pre-requisite. The other is to come on a work permit which won’t need IELTS, but you will still need to give IELTS later when you apply for PR.

There are certain non-express entry programs which also issue invitations based on your NOC which doesn’t require IELTs, but is generally a 2-3 years long process to permanent residency.

I’ll also suggest to evaluate your CRS points by making your wife as the primary and figure out if her NOC is in demand in any province.

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Thank you very much for your detailed response. Unfortunately the US bank which I work with does not have the technology presence in Canada, So I may have to try a canada based company. One more question on WES.

  1. Do I have to dod WES first before creating a profile?
  2. WHat is the process to get my indian masters degree evaluated? can’t it be done all online?

Thanks again

You don’t need to necessarily have WES done as a pre-requisite. You can use the Degree Equivalency Tool to determine your equivalency and create your profile based on that.

And all degrees, qualifications irrespective of bachelors/masters have to be evaluated via WES and the whole process is online. Your university has to send the transcripts to WES for them to evaluate.

Thank you, but what is the process for the university to send the transcripts to WES for them to evaluate? Also, if I do not get it evaluated, how can I submit my profile for Express Entry? I thought it is mandatory to get IELTS and WES evaluation to submit the profile for EE.

Please help me understand, thanks

Yes, you need to have IELTS and WES upfront in order to submit your profile.
My comment was on WES specifically that you can create your profile based on WES equivalency and get the actual evaluation done in parallel.

If you go to the WES website, it will lay down the process to get the evaluation started.
Essentially, you have to provide your education, university details, pay the fees and then WES will give you a reference number with a transcript request form.
Sent that to your university. They will have to send the transcripts directly to WES. Once received, WES will generate an official report for you to add to your EE profile.

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Thanks for your response. I did contact my university and they said they can send me transcripts directly. Probably i may have to send it to WES

WES will not accept it from the applicant, but only sent from the university directly. Just an FYI

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Oh, but the university does not say anything about WES, I mean eitther they are not aware of or they do not want to do. Also, in the WES portal, there is a third option which says that we can can get the envelope and can send it to WES from our end. Is it not the right understanding? please let me know