First tax return -- Date of entry

Hello everyone,

I wanted to confirm one tax question, I answered in my first return.

I permanently moved to Canada last year 2020 in October. I did soft landing in 2019 stayed here for less than a week and went back to home country. ( Only got SIN number at than time )

After I moved permanently last year, opened bank account, got health card etc.

So while filing for my tax return, there was a question did you become resident of canada for tax purposes in 2020 ?
I answered yes ( as I establish significant ties only after I moved last year )

another question was Date of entry
I answered Oct 2020

Did I answered the questions correctly ?

Hi. I called up the CRA and asked the very same question. Also an H&R block tax expert. I was clearly told that the date you permanently move is the date you become resident. Soft landing doesn’t count because you didn’t intend to move for good just as yet. So you are good.

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