First time landing in Canada on PR


What questions were asked during processing your PR?

Did they check your 6 month financial statement again??


hey guys,

I am trying to get clarification on this, hard to find reliable source.

I received my CoPR(applied through EE) and I am planning to travel next month for my soft landing. Can I give Québec address to receive my PR card by mail? If yes, please give me legitimate source. I am seeing mixed opinions on this matter on other forums.

Thanks much in advance


Do we call “soft landing” when one drives to Canada and comes back in few hours from port of entry?
or even staying for 4-5 days in a Canadian city counted as “soft landing”.

Has anyone drove from US in a rental car from US to Canadian city like Toronto or Vancouver?
Is it easy to take rental car or one should plan direct flight to Toronto, example?


Another query:

As we received the PPR and then COPR already, so Can we renew the passport which is expiring this year or should we NOT renew the passport after getting COPR and before landing?
Does anybody know. If there are any issues then should we renew after completing soft landing?
Please suggest.


Hi Vignesh,
Thanks for your contribution in this forum, your answers’ve been pretty helpful.
I’m all set to make a landing with the next month or so.

Had a few questions about the good list you’d providd:

  1. How detailed should the accompanying/following goods list be ? Should even the smallest of items be in it ? For example, would “books” suffice, or do they have to be itemized further ?

  2. What fields should it contain ? Just item description and value in CAD would suffice ? (Similar to this document ? )

  3. Just two print outs of the excel sheet were sufficient ? Was there any specific form to go along with it ?



Congratulations on getting your PR application approved.

  1. Try to be as detailed as possible, but having said this books can be generic and you could put a lump sum amount for books rather that the individual pricing for each. We did the same thing for vessels, we estimated a lump sum amount in our mind based on what all we have and then but down kitchen utensils with a $ value. I’ll let you make a judgement call on this. But consolidate the items where you can and be descriptive as necessary.

  2. We had Item, Qty, $ value (CAD). We did not bring up USD in this as it will add to the confusion.

  3. There is a B4 Form that has good accompanying and goods to follow. Our officer filled that form for us and attached our excel sheets with it.

Make sure you take your car details as well. Though it won’t matter, we included that separately, ensuring we capture that also.

All the best.


Thank you so much! And congrats on making your landing too :slight_smile:

I sold my car off a few months back, so that’s one less thing to consider. But this is super helpful - I’ll consolidate as much as I can. And the rest would be judgment calls on a case by case basis. :slight_smile: Seems relatively straightforward as long as it’s well documented.

Since I’m in the US east coast and given I would probably not make a soft landing, I think driving a rental across might be easier in my case.

Thanks again, appreciate you taking the time to respond!


can you please help us on how to prepare goods to follow and goods accompany forms?
we are going through road to do soft landing and will stay there only for 2-3days…

We forgot about preparing this earlier so can you share yours as sample to save time or if you have another sample to check then it will be very helpful…
thank you


do we need to list the items like phones and clothes and other stuff which we have when doing soft landing?

also for stuff like phones and laptops or other electronic items like camera… did you guys or do we need to list the serial numbers also as the form says?


We did for goods accompanying. For goods to follow we didn’t.

Yes list everything you are going to take. Make a high level categorization as well I.e. furniture, kitchen vessels, books, electronics etc. that way you can pivot the high level to get total sum of categories.


Did not know where to post this… So posting in this thread…
A must read for everyone to avoid being cheated by anyone!


It really happened and has been shared by an employee working closely with the Canadian govt, in a what’s app group.