First Time PR landing and AVR re-entry into USA


We have valid I-797s for H-1Bs but visa stamps in passports are expired. Instead of having to go through visa stamping at US consulate in CA, we are planning to go by road and re-enter US through AVR (Automatic Visa Revalidation). Some details about AVR in following links:

I wanted to know about recent experiences of folks with AVR re-entry into USA. Are there any risks involved?


Hey Shashi, I was wondering whether you were sucessfully able to avail the AVR re-entry back into USA after doing your PR landing? I am planning to fly to detroit this weekend and use a rental car to WIndsor, ON to complete my landing and return on expired F-1 visa but valid I-20 and valid I-94


Hi shahidfaizee,
Actually we have not yet used it. We are planning to do so in November. Would be interested to hear your experience on the same.


Hi Shashi,

I finished my landing last Saturday and entered US on AVR after spending around half an hour inside Canada. On the Canada side, the officer on the booth checked my immigrant visa and COPR and gave me a yellow slip and asked me to go to the immigration building. There was no one but agent inside the building so no wait time to process my COPR. Once that was done, I turned around my car and entered US.

On the US side, the officer checked my expired F1 visa, valid I-20 and I-94 and also my unexpired EAD card, asked me where I live, where I studied, what I studied and asked me when was the last time I went to India and when I came back to US and then he let me. I did not have to step out of the car on the US side.

It was a very smooth experience overall.


Thanks for sharing. Good to hear about a smooth experience.


congrats on become PR


Hi @shahidfaizee , @avj,

I live in Michigan and am planning to do my first entry by road through Windsor. Please help me with the questions I have.

  1. place of destination is Brampton in my COPR document. Should I go to Brampton ? or Can I just enter Canada and return like @shahidfaizee did.

  2. I am planning to go during Christmas Holidays (last week of December). just wanted to confirm whether the immigration office to complete my first landing procedures will be open.

  3. Should I definitely get my SIN during my first visit or leave it for later ?

  4. Will the procedure to PR card be completed in the port of Entry ? I am planning to give my Friend’s Canadian address and return on the same day. Will it be a problem ?
    Is there any other mandatory procedures to complete during first entry as PR ?