First Time PR landing and AVR re-entry into USA

DdI you use AVR to re-enter? If yes, how did it go?

Hello everyone,
I had a question. If I’m driving to Canada to confirm my PR using my own car, should I add the car under Accompanying Goods or under Goods to Follow assuming I will not be staying permanently when I land there and will import the car later.

Put in under GTF

Thank you for your reply. Is there a route/bridge you prefer I enter Toronto from?

I didn’t do AVR, so can’t comment from that perspective. Probably others can help.

We reentered via AVR through Pearson airport! It went well!
FYI- AVR threads- Soft-landing and AVR


So, I completed my landing over the weekend by entering Canada via the Peace Bridge through Buffalo.
I reached the border on July 5 at around noon. At the booth, I was asked to park on the side and go in to get my CoPR signed. Due to the long weekend, it was pretty busy and it took me 2 hours to get out. In the building, after processing my application, I was asked my address where the PR card would be mailed in 8-10 weeks. Also, I was told not to get the card mailed outside Canada, which was a little surprising.
Then, I was asked for my settlement funds document and also to initial next to the answers to questions regarding previous convictions, felonies etc. (the 3 questions on the CoPR).
After the officer signed my CoPR and read my rights as a PR, I was the directed to the customs section where I gave my Accompanying Goods & GTF document and then went to the cashier for the customs receipt.
Next, I went to the Service Canada office located in Niagara and got my SIN. It took me an hour to get out with wait time included.

Coming back to the US via AVR:
I visited Niagara Falls and spent the next 3-4 hours there. I crossed over via the Rainbow bridge into the US and surprisingly at the booth, I was only asked for my passport and i-797 and was let in. I was not asked to get out of the car and the whole process took around 30 seconds.
I was really nervous regarding entering via AVR but I’m very relieved now that its done with.
Thank you everyone for all your help.

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@ rahulbak
Which address did you use for PR delivery ? I don’t have any friends OR family in Canada so not sure on which address to use. I am planning to drive and come back same day using AVR

Hi All,

I am planning to do the soft landing via the Niagra border and return back to US through Detroit border, is that possible or one has to re-enter from the same border they exited US? Also, I will be performing AVR. Does Detroit border accept AVR?


All borders accept AVRs and I don’t think there’s any limitation that you have to enter through the same border that you used for exit.
Please do some additional research but I am pretty sure there’s no such rule.

Google “i94 CBP”. They have a way for you to input your passport information and printout all your entry exit dates for the last 5 years. I’m sure they know.

The point about not mailing card was surprising. It’s not legally banned to mail your card but I’m sure CBSA frowns at the practice.

I’m surprised AVR was that easy.

Someone recently posted in this forum about using a UPS Forwarding service.

Reference: (In case you are interested in this option). UPS mail box for PR card

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I recently got my REQUEST Ready for Visa email and would be sending my passport very soon. That means I would have to do my soft landing early next year.
I was working on the F1 OPT extension till September 30th and now on H1b starting 1st October 2019. My passport has an expired F1 stamp expired on July 2019, but no H1b stamp. I do have the valid I-797 A form and updated I20 for H1B with me

As per this explanation, I can use AVR for coming back to the US.

My question is have people done that? Can I use AVR? Do I have to go back to India and get stamped again (that would be very hectic)?

I’m not sure but I doubt they’ll revalidate your F1 visa now that your status has changed.

It says: Automatic visa revalidation also applies to cases where the applicant never acquired a visa for his or her current non-immigrant status but rather transitioned through it by filing the appropriate form to change non-immigrant status (such as Form I-129 or Form I-539). Instead of the “visa”, what gets revalidated is the change of status, and therefore in lieu of the visa the applicant must carry the Form I-797 Approval Notice in addition to all the other supporting documentation. In particular, it does not matter if the applicant has never acquired a visa for the new status.[10]

You could try it if you wanted to but I wouldn’t personally recommend this. Form I129 clearly says that it’s not a visa and can’t be used in place of one. You could always encounter an agent on the border who can make it difficult for you.

Why not get the H1-B stamped in Canada when you do your landing and then use that to come back?

Hi there!
Check for the answer provider by [shahidfaizee] on this same thread. I believe it was the same situation as yours.

Good luck!


I was in similar situation as you are now, and I was able to successfully use AVR and enter USA after my landing at windsor. You should not have any issues using it, just make sure you carry all the documents regarding your F1 and H1B status.