For the Folks already in Canada

Hi Folks,
For all the people @ Movnorth who have already landed in Canada or Working what has been your experience so far?
Would you folks be open for creating a network for job referrals ?

There’s no network as such for job referrals of people who have already moved here, as far as I’m aware. MovNorth has a direct job matching service that you can use. Most people I know got jobs with regular process (apply for job forums, recruiters, LinkedIn premium, inmails etc., or through referrals with people they already knew working here, or employers who had officers in Canada).

That being said, members on this forums are free to send private messages to each other if needed for referrals etc. However, note that none of the moderators here are job recruiters so they probably won’t know a lot about job openings.

Hi @avj, I have some questions about filing taxes for the first time. Is it necessary to get it done through an accountant or can it be done by individuals themselves? It would be great if you could share your experience.