Foreign work experience of 1-2 years vs. 3 years


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There is the distinction between 1-2 years and 3 years in terms of how many points one can get. What’s the cutoff between the 1-2 years and 3 years? In other words, when will someone with 2 years of full time experience transition to the 3 years category? A day after two full years, after 2.5 years, or will it have to be at least 3 full years?

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For the FSW category of Express Entry timeline for . skilled work experience is calculated as follows. This is the calculation for a single year so for 3 you would need three times these numbers. This is verified by the start and end dates on your proof of work letter.

  • At least 1 year (1,560 hours total / 30 hours per week), continuous
  • Full-time at 1 job: 30 hours/week for 12 months = 1 year full time (1,560 hours)
  • Equal amount in part-time: 15 hours/week for 24 months = 1 year full time (1,560 hours)
  • Full-time at more than 1 job: 30 hours/week for 12 months at more than 1 job = 1 year full time (1,560 hours)


This is helpful information; thanks for responding!

I believe, like myself, most people who work “full-time” in the US work 40 hours per week. When calculating 1 year equivalence of full time for the purpose of EE, would you use 1 year full time in the US as 1 year or can it be counted as 1.33 years by using 40/30 based on number of hours? This may make a difference for some applicants.


The way I understand it is thats its per week. If you work 30 hours or more during a week then you add 30 to your total till a max of 1560. If you make that number you claim a year. But since most jobs are not hourly your start and end date is how you claim a year and not based on hours.