FSW Express Entry - Under Review due to Eligibility



Hi there,

My wife and I recently got married. She is working in Canada (Indian citizen, she did her master’s there), and I am working in the US. We applied for our PR under FSW Express Entry (she added me to her application later). She made the cut off because her sibling was also a Permanent Resident of Canada.

However, after applying for CAIPS notes, which provide a status update on the application, we found out that the application was under review as they were unable to verify her sibling’s Canada residence, thereby reducing our CRS score below the cut off. Her sibling had changed their residential address after we had applied for PR, which might have caused the issues.

We responded with the appropriate documents to verify her sibling’s residence, and are now waiting.


  1. What are the chances of rejection?
  2. How long will it take for CIC to give us a decision on our application, after we submitted the latest set of documents?

Thanks in advance!


I believe your chances of rejection are slim as you’ve now provided them with necessary documentation. A letter detailing cascade of events can clarify reviewing officer to adjudicate the case without delays. Since your case is unusual, I cannot comment on the time frame but expect delays.