Getting a cell phone connection

I was wondering if anyone would have any idea about cell phone plans that work equally well in the USA and Canada. If anyone was traveling frequently between the countries, which service provider would be best suited?

ATT has some plan. Free in US, Canada and Mexico calls. Tmobile has free roaming.

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So, would you suggest getting an US connection and taking it with me to Canada?

Is it possible to transfer number from a US carrier like Verizon to any Canadian mobile carrier?

So did you end up taking a US phone with you or did you get a new connection there? What’s better?

Some disadvantage of using a US number in Canada is that other people may not have US calling for free so they won’t be able to call you, this is a problem when trying to use your US phone number as call back number in Canada. Also, sometimes places like restaurants may not pickup your call thinking that it may be a spam call.
If you want to save your US number for whatever reason, you can disconnect your service and park your number for a small fee per month.