Getting a job as a Java Developer

I am currently in process to apply for the Canadian PR (for me and my wife). Currently I am waiting for the next draw to receive an ITA and process the next steps.

What I am really worried about is the job. I have tried applying to many openings, but no one responds back. It will be really difficult to move there without a job for me.

Since you are already there, I wanted to get some clarification on how probable is it to land a job for a Java developer like me with 4 years of experience.

Your suggestion and tips are really good in your blog and I am really grateful to it. It will be helpful if you can guide me for the next steps and best ways to apply for the job.

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I would say wait till you have your PR confirmation. Then start looking for companies looking for Java developers in Toronto and apply to them as a local would (technically you are a resident).

Ask if the interview process could be handled remotely since you’re traveling. It is not practical to fly in for a single interview. Remember to mention that you a PR and have full permission to work, be clear about this as its possible you are talking with someone who does not have an understanding of what PR means.

Toronto has a big finance sector its possible that Java developer jobs will be mostly in banks like RBC. Linkedin Jobs is the best way to start your search. Jobs listed on Linkedin often have a meet the team box, use that reach out to engineers already working there to see if they would be open to referring you internally.

I am also a Java developer but consider myself more a full stack developer. I read about the startups in Toronto on the site and saw the list you posted on the forums. Can you tell me how I should reach out to these startups also is there a more comprehensive list?

From what I know talking with some of them, they are all looking to hire. Experienced talent would go right to the top of the list. If the startup you’re interested in is not very big then reach out to the CTO directly over LinkedIn. For bigger startups CTO should still be fine but he could be very busy so reach out to engineers working there see if they would be open to referring your internally. Many companies have referral bonuses so it would favour them to referrer good candidates.

Hi all,


I am a recent graduate with MS in Information Systems. I have 1.5 years of work experience in Data Engineering, ETL, Microsoft Business Intelligence (SSIS, SSRS and SSAS) and AWS Cloud.

1 Yr of my work experience was through Full Time Paid Internships.

I am wondering is it going to be tough to get a decent junior developer software engineering job (Focus on Data Analytics/Engineering) job in Toronto GTA. As I see most of the members have vast experience here.


You should first try getting the PR as not many employers might entertain you if you don’t already have a PR (there are always exceptions, and you might be able to get a job before getting a PR in which case it might be easier to get a PR.) The only way to know is to start applying for jobs.

When I worked for a local tech company in Toronto I noticed we had access to a lot of junior talent from the local universities but could not find experienced senior talent. I think this will mean that at a junior position you will find it hard to get a job that will do your work visa. Even the job hunting partners the site works with expect at least 5 years of experience.

Also some of the tech. you have listed seems to be more suited for larger companies. The largest pool for jobs for junior level here is Fullstack developers, Ruby on Rails, Frontend Mobile or ReactJS, etc