Getting arranged Offer of employment in Canada

Dear All,

I am in US on H1B and trying to migrate to Canada but the biggest obstacle I am facing is an arranged offer of employment from Canada.I have 14 years experience in IT but due to my age my crs score is very low at 328. I also have a decent score of Band 8 in IELTS.So for people like me only way seems to be to get there first through a job offer.

I have heard about this GTS(Global Talent Stream) where one can get work VISA really fast.

Can anyone advise where we can find employers willing to hire foreign workers through GTS or basically any other consultancies willing to hire foreign workers.I have been trying to find such employers but with no luck so far.

I am sure many of you in the US are in the same boat like me and facing this difficulty so I thought of starting this thread. Please do share your valuable inputs.


Check this out:

Many thanks Vignesh. Will check this out

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