Global talent stream (VS) Express Entry

All- Since you guys are active in responding to everyone very patiently. I would like to ask you this question in-detail. your response will be appreciated.

I have full time job offer from Canadian employer. They applied Global talent stream visa and I have received the positive LMIA under Temporary Foreign Worker Program. In LMIA, the job duration is showing as 2 years.

My question: I have 414 points in Express Entry, can I use my full-time job offer with positive LMIA to get 50 points? I satisfied 1,2 from below. However, my question is 3. My job is non-seasonal. but it wouldn’t come under Federal Skilled Workers i believe. Please advise.

Express job offer conditions are below:

  1. be for full-time and for at least one year
  2. meet different requirements depending on type of job (i.e. some need apprenticeships and certification) and
  3. be non-seasonal for Federal Skilled Workers.


Why do you think it won’t be under FSW ?
My understanding is that LMIA- GTS is for FSW. But this is not confirmed. others might give a more credible opinion.
Another option is to check with your Employer’s Immigration team/lawyers .

I sent you a message. Please check.

I see below information in my LMIA. We should be good.

Employers must provide copies of this LMIA Letter and the annexed Employment Details page to the foreign national(s) in order for them to apply for a work permit or permanent residency.

If you have a job offer you can go there now on a work visa, and apply either under CEC after a year, or get a provincial nomination that will almost guarantee an ITA. Or you can do the whole express entry thing with added LMIA points in parallel to the work visa.

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