Global Talent Stream Work Permit

Hello community! I am a Data Scientist working in India, and have received a job offer and positive LMIA from a Canadian employer via Global Talent Stream. I was already in the Express Entry pool before receiving the job offer. Can I add this job offer to my profile to get additional 50 points?

My main doubt is whether I can use GTS’ LMIA for my EE application. I see that there are 3 types of LMIA:

  1. LMIA for supporting PR application
  2. LMIA for work permit
  3. LMIA for work permit and PR (dual-intent)

My LMIA belongs to category 2. Anybody who has been in the same situation, it would be nice to hear from you. Thanks in advance!


You can use it. Just enter the LMIA number and you get 50 points.