Goods to Follow vs Goods Accompanying Questions

My partner and I are getting ready to finally make the move to Canada next month from the US and France. He is our primary applicant and I am accompanying common law partner. He will enter first (by air to Montreal) and I will enter a few weeks later (by car from US/Ontario border). We’re making up the GTF and GA lists and have some questions:

-As he will cross first, should the items I am bringing with me be included on his GTF or a second GA? How should we do this?
-For electronics, we have a digital camera in storage that will be on the GTF list that we don’t know the serial number of. Will this be a problem?
-For other storage stuff on the GTF list: we don’t know exactly what boxes are what. We have a couple pics of our storage unit, but we’re likely missing some stuff in there on our list. If we show up with say, 1-2 boxes of stuff that we mislabeled or didn’t account for on the list, will this be a big issue?
-We will bring our US storage stuff up by car over multiple trips and likely multiple months. Will this be an issue?
-Slightly different question: when I cross the US/Ontario border, it will likely be by car with someone else’s car (US citizen, not moving to Canada). The car will just help me move up, then will return it to the US within the week. The owner may or may not join me, or I might just borrow their car alone. Will this be an issue to bring in a US car that I’m not importing (and that isn’t in my name)?

Thanks to anyone out there that might have some tips.