Got ITA, now the PR application needs education history. Do I need ECA?

Hi all. So I understand it’s been advised multiple times in this forum that we should only mention the highest degree (eg. masters) in EE profile, and getting ECA for that one would be enough. I now have ITA and am filling out the PR form, and it’s asking me again about education history, as well as ‘activities’ for last 10 years. If i mention the bachelors here now, would i be asked for ECA for that ? (which would be very hard to get). Thanks.

You only need ECA for highest degree if you’re claiming (highest) points only for that. If you’ve not added your bachelors during EE profile submission you can and should mention your other education while filling the final life history section. Not doing so may count as hiding information. They won’t ask for ECA for that since you already have ITA and don’t need to claim any more points.

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So is that all information required to be entered post-ita and not pre-ita?

I don’t remember if there was a section to add additional degrees during EE profile creation but I had added all three. And you cannot misrepresent so if you haven’t added before ITA you need to add after ITA.

I have company sponsored off-campus masters from India (BITS pilani) but I am getting my ECA done only for my US masters degree and Indian bachelors degree, should I mention my Indian masters degree information post ITA? (if I end up getting ITA), or should I just don’t mention it at all?

If you get ITA with US Masters ECA and nothing else, this means you don’t need any additional points because you already have ITA. But you have to disclose your previous education during final document submission and you dont need ECA for that.

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Sounds perfect, I’d do that. Thanks Anshul

My case is very similar. I am claiming points only for my masters and that’s what i had mentioned while creating EE profile. Now post ITA, you are recommending to disclose bachelor’s degree info in personal history section. But my bachelor’s was done more than 10 years ago and in personal history section they need history only for past 10 years. Whats your take on this ?

Since your Bachelor’s degree is from more than 10 years ago, you don’t really need to mention it in the personal history section. You still can do it if you want to.

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I still have to create EE profile. I did not know about submitting ONLY masters for ECA and NOT bachelors. I actually submitted both to WES. Is this a negative since I and my wife are at CRS of 435? If yes, I can pay WES again and submit only Masters. Please advice if this is worth the trouble

It will not change your score either way so go ahead with the evaluation for both degrees since you have already started it.

So just to double-check, do I need to add my other degrees (bachelors, high school) in my ITA application after I’ve got the points just for my Masters under ‘Education History’? I understand that I need to add everything in the last ten years under Personal History and that’s fine.

I’m just worried that my score might get recalculated and then ask me for an ECA for my other degrees.

Posting again as we didn’t get a reply. To clarify, my question is whether I should update the education section with degrees I have not claimed points for in the post ITA application. I have already added my full educational history in the personal history section.

You don’t need to update the education section for degrees which you are not claiming points for. If you add, you will need to provide ECA for the same.

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I think you should add your senior secondary and bachelors along with your masters if masters is your highest degree in the Education section. But only in case of masters I checked (selected ‘Yes’ in case of ECA) that I got my ECA done and entered my WES reference number.For bachelors and senior secondary I selected ‘No’ in case of ECA. This is only in case of post ITA phase. I was being truthful.

Let me know your thoughts.

@avj @mrandmrs - request your help
In Personal Activities - I am filling all the major events from the last 10 years.

In ECA - I dont have the university where I studied my First semester but the university which gave me the masters degree. example : University A jan 2012 - May 2012 , University B[ where i got the degree] August 2012 - Graduation.
Only university B is in ECA since it gave me the degree and it also contains the credits from university A

Do I add the university A and B in personal activities or do I just add the University B which is in ECA

You can add both they won’t be asking for proofs from personal history. If you have a record for transfer from A to B then add both (just in case they ask for it).

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I did my B.Tech in Mech Engg (2006-10) and PGDBA from SCDL (2013-15)

Should I apply for ECA from WES or ICAS or IQAS for Canada PR?

WES is little fast compared to others

Almost everywhere on social media, they say WES doesn’t approve SCDL.

I needed an assurance from someone whose PGDBA from SCDL has been approved either from ICAS or IQAS before I officially pay and apply for my ECA.

FYI - I did my MBA from 2013-2015.