Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


Yes, every page which has any markings needs to be scanned. It should show up in your list of documents too.


Btw where is your process
…I guess it’s been two months since you submitted your docs… What step is it

and usually how many weeks or months it is taking on average after one accepts ITA by submitting all docs and medicals…


The only update has been that the medicals were clear and that came in 3 weeks, I suppose. They don’t send a notification so we need to keep checking it every few days but everything else still shows as in progress.


anybody knows if we can travel to India once we submit the documents?

i know if we get india PCC and then travel to India before submitting documents then we need to get PCC again.

but can we travel POST-ITA documents submission?


I didn’t know that if we travel after getting PCC we need to get it again :thinking:

You can travel after final submission. You will probably get the PPR in 3-4 months.


Just curious as to where this is mentioned? I don’t think the PCC should affect your travel.


Hi Anshul,

Do you remember how long your PCC from India took?



Probably a week or two not more.


I got the ITA for the draw conducted today. I clicked on continue application and proceeded to finish the questionnaire after which I was given a document checklist. Now, the thing is that the checklist asks for my degrees/diplomas to be uploaded and not the WES Evaluation report.

  1. Is that the case for everyone?

I remember them asking for my Eval Report number before submission of the profile.
2) Is that all it is used for?

Also, when I save and exit the checklist it tells me that I have 60 days to complete the profile and not the 90 days which i get to reply to the ITA.
3) Is this correct?



Degree+Transcript+WES evaluation should be uploaded as single PDF per upload button for education(s).

I think the deadline has changed from 90 to 60 days.


But in the pending application list it shows I have 90 days. It is only after I exit the documents upload page that it says I have 60 days to complete the profile. Thoughts?

See image below.


Huh that’s interesting. I read on another website it was changed but maybe it was wrong because CIC website still says 90 so I may have been wrong. Just take a screenshot of both the 91 day and 60 day pages just in case you hit 60 days and application is not complete, and contact CIC.


Same here, it shows 60 days to complete when I exit the application, I guess we should target to finish it within 60 days to be on safer side


I guess you get 60 days to complete the questionnaire/profile, which is when an application is considered complete and another 30 days max to submit the application.


Have you guys accepted the ITA? If not, does it change when you do?


I don’t see any option to accept the ITA - I see 1.Continue application 2. Decline invitation
Continuing and filling out the extended form may auto-accept the invitation probably


Continue application means that you accept the ITA. I got mine in January and it was still 90 days then even when it tells 60 days while exiting the profile.


Hi All,

I have a situation here. My CRS is 477. I got an ITA yesterday. But now one of my employers (Accenture, India) is not willing to put my job roles and duties in the reference letter as my supervisor does not remember me. I have their offer letter, payslips and relieving letter. So now should I get notarized letters from my collegues in Accenture on a plain paper listing my job duties OR is there any way to remove my Accenture experience from my application considering that I already have an ITA.

Even if I remove the Accenture experience, My score would be 452 which is more than yesterday’s cut off of 451.

Really need your advice. i just want to be safe on all fronts.



Keep it don’t remove it. You haven’t lied or anything, just that your former boss isn’t cooperating. Upload everything you can including email refusal from boss/HR, and reference letters from colleagues and pay slips etc.


@avj Wont it cause a problem, if the HR in the email says that your supervisor is not wiling to approve your Job Duties and that’s the reason we cant put that on the Reference letter?