Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


My Infosys HR clearly said in an email “Infosys does not give letter for immigration purposes.” I PDF’d that email along with unofficial reference letters and other official infosys document and it was accepted by CIC. As long as you can show that you tried everything CIC might accept it. Since you are submitting offer/resignation letter, paystubs, letter from colleagues, it’s pretty clear to CIC you’re not lying but your boss is being a ----.

And even if they don’t you are still clearing the cutoff anyway…

  1. No need to notarize anything. Just get a letter from your colleague supporting your duties and experiences. If they are willing to put down their official email address that would be great. If not, no problem.

  2. Keep a copy of that email from your HR, and make sure you include it along with the letter from your ex-colleague.

  3. This will not cause a problem as @avj mentioned, you are being truthful, and have provided all the supporting documents you can.

  4. As far as CIC goes, they are looking for enough supporting information so that they can make a decision. As long as you are being truthful, and providing all that you can, you should be fine.


Hello All – In the list of documents required to be uploaded , it does not ask for the IELTS Test result sheet scan and the ECA copy ( I got mine from WES) . So these are obtained by Canada immgration from IELTS and WES directly and we don’t have to upload these scans?


You link them by providing test report number for IELTS.

For WES include it with your graduate diploma documentation.


Thanks a lot guys. Feel relieved. @avj


Can someone help here. For your current employment letter, how to go about the letter. Usually the only letter provided is that “person” is working with us from “date” to “date”, in “location” as “position” and is earning “salary”. How to go about detailed job desc ?


Where and when do we need to upload documents??

Right now after ITA i see “continue application” button when we login to cic account… and next we see to complete information in all categories…

So will option of uploading documents appear once all categories of information is complete and when it shows all tick marks ???


@srhere that’s correct. After you complete all information, there’ll be a “Continue” button that’ll take you to the page where you can upload documents.


@mrandmrs @avj I got my WES done for Masters degree. Post ITA do I have to upload WES Evaluation of Masters along with Marksheets and certificate(degree) of Post secondary, Bachelors, Masters all combined in the Document: Education section? Or Do i have to get WES done for Bachelors as well?


We were just asked to provide proof of completion of education and the examples given were copies of the degrees. I had WES evaluation done for both my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees so I provided both combined in a single PDF. Since your evaluation is only for Master’s, you can provide just that.

IRCC gets your WES reference number from your profile even before you get your ITA since you provide it while submitting your EE profile so technically the WES evaluation does not need to be attached but you may attach that as well if you wish.

If you got an ITA with WES ECA only for Master’s, you don’t need to get another ECA for Bachelor’s.


thanks a lot @mrandmrs


Is it required to attach pay stubs if your reference letter (on the company letterhead) states your annual compensation? @avj @vik @mrandmrs. I do not have pay stubs for few of my experiences, but my reference letter states my Annual compensation.


is there any issue if ECA for masters is from WES… whereas ECA for bachelors is from different IQAS…

we already spent money on two ECAs so we would list both… any issue?
asking because i read somewhere it is suggested to put only one ECA in one profile


Pay stubs are optional. If you have the last few, then attach them. I attached pay stubs only for my last job and not for the ones before that.


I thought you got the ITA already. If you got it by giving the WES reference number then the IQAS ECA is not required.


yes i got ITA… but during ITA i did not enter all of my education degrees… so now as i have ECA for all degrees so i thought i will add those too…


Well again, the Bachelors ECA is not required. If you prefer to still submit it, may be provide an explanation in the letter of explanation as to why there are 2 ECAs being submitted just so that it does not cause any confusion.


Got ITA on June 13 draw - Am filling the application. I am in the applicant details and filled in mine and wife’s and our kid’s profile ? So where exactly do you upload documents? Like in which stage of the application?


The second to last page of your online application will have the option to upload documents. The last page is paying the fees.


Once you have filled in all the fields for all applicants, proceed to submit the application. That is when you will see a list of documents which you would need to upload.