Got Your ITA - A list of documents that you will now have to submit


Hello. I got my ITA on 25th June and just started collecting documents. I’m the primary applicant and my spouse is going to accompany me although I haven’t claimed CRS points through her (no ielts and degree added from her side). I have been living in the US since 2008 and have a bunch of questions now.

  1. PCC - I’m pursuing FBI online option to get mine for the USA part. Should I get my wife’s PCC as well, since she is living in the US for the past 14 months? Or her PCC is not needed.??

  2. Should I get PCC from India? Or through nearby Indian consulate in US?

Thanks for the help. Much appreciated!


Yes anybody older than 18 would need PCC …

So, get FBI PCC for your wife too…

also Any country you have stayed more than 6 months would need PCC… so yeah you have to get Indian PCC and that can be taken from US consulate for your area

#65 @mrandmrs @avj Wondering on the below part when I was entering personal details. I will be adding my wife’s and daughter’s name in the application. So should I again tell their names in the immediate relatives?

The first sentence says only those not in the application. The second sentence says all relatives. A bit confusing.


No. This is not where you include your wife and daughter.

This is where you include people not on the application (your parents, her parents) etc.

As far as this process goes your wife and daughter are your dependents (assuming you are the primary applicant) and part of the application.


I was the single applicant and I only added my sibling and parents in the application. So basically immediate family other than the applicants.


For financial proof…

Isn’t only bank letter showing last 6 months average balance enough?

Do we need to show credit card statements if i already paid off all cards and no balance to be paid?

How old bank letter can be… we are planning to submit everything within next 5-7 days max so will letter received some days before submission work?

and last ques.

Do we need letter only for primary or even for spouse or should we try asking bank to print both names as we have joint account?


I’ve answered these questions in the thread Proof of funds. Check it out.

Also on the joint account, the letter should be printed with her name because she is also an account holder.

#70 @avj I have got the reference letter from the bank. Its dated 06/26/2018. I plan on submitting my application by the end of July as I am waiting on my Indian PCC and Medicals. But by that time the bank reference letter would have been a month old. Can I use the same letter or do I have to get a new one


so you mean we need to get two letters from bank… one for me and one for spouse?


It needs to be a single letter if it is a joint account. Just ask the bank to put both your names, if possible. If the bank can’t do that, make sure the primary applicant’s name shows else you will need to provide an additional document stating that the primary applicant has access to the spouse’s funds from the said account.


A month old letter might be acceptable if you had the minimum funds required as your proof of funds. However, if your bank has no problem issuing a fresh letter and if it doesn’t take time, it would be better to just get a new one closer to your submission date.


Yes, it has the minimum funds and also the 6 month average is over the minimum fund required. It takes about 3-4 days for them to process the letter and send it to us.


i think we will not need additional document because although account is joint but only primary applicant works and spouse does not work so primary applicant is even primary for bank account :slight_smile:


3-4 days for letter?

i thought i can go to local branch and get it there in 10 mins…


We went to the bank and they raised a request in their system. they sent the letter to our mailing address in 3-4 days.


Ok… perhaps varies from bank to bank…
i remember getting similar letter last year to use as proof for parent’s visa (although was not needed but got it as they gave it in 10mins)


As an update I checked today in my bank branch and they told that now they don’t write average balance on the letter anymore… They gave me letter with account no (last 4 digits), current balance and date of opening…

and they gave me two letters one for savings and one for checking…
and then wrote average balance with pen manually on bottom…

Is that fine?


Did they sign and stamp next to the place where they wrote it with the pen?


That letter should be fine, you’ll anyway be submitting updated credit statement etc.


No they did not sign

Went to another branch and there personnel even refused to write average balances even with hand.,… and told me to submit statements to get avaerage balance and to get full account numbers. But this time they stamped the letter. But not useful without average balance or without full account number