GTF not done while soft landing

Hi, I did my soft landing in May 2019 and haven’t travelled to Canada since. I am now planning to move permanently next month and plan to drive. Would there be a problem as I don’t have GTF? Thank you!

you should be able to submit GTF list when you move.

There won’t be any problem. I was told by CBP officer that I can get my GTF list approved when I finally move. In fact a friend of mine moved last month and she was asked if she wants to declare GTF


I also did soft landing last year and did not fill up GTF. I plan to move permanently next year. Where do I get this document and which institute do I submit this to?


How does it work? If I have to move my household stuff through moving company? Can you please provide me any information?

Once you reach to port of entry, the immigration officer will ask for any GTF. If they don’t then you can talk to them abou it. They will stamp your GTF list on the spot. Your consignment can enter anytime later and they will let it pass. That’s my understanding, I haven’t yet moved so I don’t know exactly.

Thank you!