H-1B (I-140 Approved) holder applying US Visitor Visa (B2) from Canada while living/working in Canada on a ICT Work Permit

Did anyone applied US Visitor visa while working in Canada on a Work Permit/PR with already having H-1B I140 approved?

I’m planning to apply for visitor visa possibly using interview waiver program.

Having US Visitor visa greatly benefit reducing travel times to Toronto airport from Windsor instead cross the border fly thru Detroit airport even though it involves going thru customs /immigration twice one for US and the other for Canada plus any shopping visits due to much more retail presence in Detroit compared to Windsor.

Any other inputs/suggestions/opinions are welcome!!

Hi Takita,

Generally speaking, there are no issues with applying for B1/B2 visitor visa with an approved I-140 while you live and work in Canada.

The thing to note is that the interview waiver program only applies if a person is renewing the same type of visa at the same consular location. So if the last visa you had was a H1-B and you attended an interview at the Mumbai consulate, then you are not eligible for interview waiver for B1/B2 visa at any consulate in Canada.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @psgupta

All of my previous H-1B stampings were done in Canada, but it seems like interview waiver applicable for renewals only for any type of visa renewed at same consular section.

what happens to h1b stamp if we get B1/B2 visa?
Do they cancel it in the passport or make no change…

Found some info on Nonimmigrant Visas | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in India
Will my B1/B2 visa be cancelled when I apply for an H1-B?
No, you can hold a B visa and an L or H work visa at the same time. However, if you are issued a B1 in Lieu of H visa, your B1/B2 visa will be cancelled.

Thank you… But I was asking opposite…

If somebody has a h1b visa stamp in the passport… then he or she receives B2 visitor visa stamp, then will embassy mark h1b visa cancelled or they will let you keep both stamps or not.

yes, I’m looking for same answer but the embassy website says someone can have both H & B visa at the same time not sure which one first will make any impact on one another.

Claiming either H or B depends on purpose of visit at POE but the question is does applying B2 visitor visa jeopardize H-1B visa or void H-1B stamp.

I have both the H1 and B1. None of them get cancelled. Before starting my work in US on H1, I had to attend a 1 week conference in LA, so I got the B1 specifically for that. Later after a while, I used H1 when I started my work. At immigration they just asked which visa will I be using for the specific travel as I had both.

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Thanks @SKM

From your experience, I think there won’t be any impact to I-140 as well. That’s great news!!!

I’m looking at scheduling appointment, but the first appt available ~1year from now (see below). The purpose of getting B2 as of now is to transit thru Detroit Airport (POE for US immigration purpose) and then cross the border by road thru Windsor (POE for Canada immigration purpose) when returning from overseas travel.

Any issues with my approach? Is there any way to expedite appointment?