H1B stamping and Canada PR

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Hope things are going well. I am going for first time H1B stamping at consulate in India. I also have approved Canada PR though have not landed yet to complete the process.I just wanted to ask if the visa officer at US embassy would ask anything related to the Canada PR stamp on my passport.

Will having Canada PR stamp, cause any issues with H1B stamping process. Will they ask why I had intended to get Canada PR and H1B at same time. Honestly, I was on OPT , did not get picked for two years in lottery and so had applied for Canada PR. Third time got the H1B. Can I answer the actual reason to the officer , has any F1 student faced similar issue here on the forum.


Visa officer will not ask. Even if he does just tell him the honest answer why you applied PR in the first place.

There’s no harm in explaining the officer that you studied in the USA and wanted to transition to H1B at the end of your study. At the same time, you wanted to explore the other career option of working in Canada by applying Canadian PR. There’s no conflict of interest here. It’s a very logical career path.

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I just went for my first H1 stamping (COS H4 -> H1) and did my soft landing on the same trip.
At the consulate, they asked about the status in Canada and proof of the same. I told them the truth that I became PR a day before and as proof, I provided the completed COPR (completed during soft landing). No questions were asked.
My H1 B visa came back with Canadian Permanent resident annotation

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They will usually not ask. And if they do, don’t lie, tell them a version of the truth, that you only intend to work in the US for the time allotted for H1-B (to gain experience blah blah) and then eventually move to Canada. H1-B is dual intent, you don’t have to apply for green card on that.

If you think visa officer might call bluff on this, then the reason you have posted here also makes sense, that there was always the uncertainty on H1 and therefore you decided to apply for PR. Unless asked, you don’t need to specify when you will move to Canada etc.