H1b vs Canada ICT Wp

I am currently in US on H1B with and I have 2 years remaining till my max out. No PERM./i140 applied yet by the employer. (E-C model)

With this situation I got a full time offer in USA who can process i140 in a year.

Also, My current employer is ready to send me to Canada on ICT ( I already have ICT WP valid till Jan 2021) Am confused which option to take. Can you please provide your suggestion on whether going to canada on WP will be beneficial instead of full time job in US?

This is time sensitive and it is bothering me much

Age - 31
CRS - 427
ICT WP salary - 80k CAD.

What’s your salary with the US employer who is ready to do the 140 and Perm?

Since you’re not married, if the money in America is significantly better than the Canadian offer then it may be worth staying a few years and building your savings and investments and then moving to Canada after you’ve married and have children.

If money is comparable then move to Canada, get PR on PNP.

Salary with new employer is 95-100k usd
Current salary 80k usd

Since I am 30s the crs points are lower and the only way I can get points is through work experience and canada study experience. I am not sure if will get an option in the future to work in Canada via wp.

I wish to get married in 2021.

I don’t know which way to go :frowning:

Without a 140 your spouse won’t be able to work in USA so that’s another pro for Canada.

You’re right after 30 CRS points start going down, but with an ICT and PNP, PR is quite doable.

Based on your salary numbers and plan on getting married I recommend you take the Canadian option in favor of the American one.

I still say com to canada using new employer… that way you will have a job as wel… get married and become canadian cictizen and than you can go back working on usa if you find… but I still feel Canda is safe heaven… in worst case some thing happens to you , your family is handging in between and they cant stay in usa… more over if you get your i-140 the line for green card is long enough … you never know what new rule govt will come with … So as per me moving to Canada is good option money might be less but you will have peace of mind… you decide which is more imporatnt …

Thanks for taking time to reply. I value your response.

I tried to do that via new employer but unfortunately they don’t have presence in canada.

Does moving to Canada on WP sound risky . ? Other people who moved had PR . That’s bothering me.

Generally, moving to Canada on a work permit, particularly if it’s a 3 year permit or renewable, provides a pretty good probability of qualifying for permanent residency after a year or two.

Yes. In my case I have short validity (2 months) because I couldn’t go before… my emp said they will be apply for renewal as soon as I land.