Hello All, Quick Update

I just finished updating the server to the latest version of the forum software and other maintance tasks. On a side note we are loving Vancouver it’s been a great couple years and are now meeting a lot of new folks moving here after the covid related slow down the last few years. Love to hear from all of you how are things and feel free to reach out on whatsapp or whatever.


Great! This forum has been such a help! We moved from the USA last year and are settled down in Edmonton - Working remotely is a blessing!

Do we have a Whatsapp group?


There are a couple for different parts of the country check on here.

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Same! We moved to Ottawa last year and love it. It is just so amazing to live a happy, healthy life without the stress of work visas. It really is true that when the problem isn’t looming over your head all the time, you never think about it :slight_smile: