Help needed for British Columbia Tech Pilot program

Please help me on following questions -

  1. My company has given me offer letter for an intra company transfer. Does that mean i can apply for BC tech pilot and show case this as a job offer?

  2. What is difference between BC PNP - Express Entry BC and BC PNP - Skills Immigration ?
    What should i apply for ?
    When I go to their application page, it gives me an option to apply for 1 of above 2 categories.

  3. Lastly, I am moving as senior manager of Research and Development, Can I apply for BC tech pilot under what category ?

  4. My company has good presence in Canada, but only 3-4 employees in BC. Do i still qualify for BC tech pilot ?


Hi @jain.nsit

I am in a similar situation, I have a job offer from a BC firm and was looking for people who can share what their experience has been.

I think you would have applied under skill type 0 - for a management role and that should have fetched you maximum points under the economic factors category.

Regarding your question on your company having 3-4 employees in BC - this could mean difficulty for your employer to be eligible for BC PNP Tech program especially if they are based out of greater Vancouver area. For companies outside of Vancouver that number should be ok.

What is your current status and how long did the whole process took for you? I also wanted to know if you arrived on a work permit while your BC PNP was in process? I would love to connect to know your experience and prepare accordingly.

Many thanks.