Help with NOC - Legal Risk and Compliance Team Lead

Hi, I would really appreciate any help on this one as I am struggling to find the correct NOC.

I currently work in the UK, I am not a qualified lawyer but i have a bachelor and Masters in Law. I have over 8 years legal experience and i work as a Team lead in an R&C function in a law firm. My duties include reviewing, amending and negotiating client contracts, NDA etc. from a ra legal and risk point of view and doing background checks on clients. I have been in this role for 5 years at managerial level.

I am not sure which of the following NOC’s i fall under:

Paralegal and related occupations - 4211
Legal department directors (See 0114 Other administrative services managers)
Legal firm managers (See 0125 Other business services managers)

Please let me know if anyone is similar and what they have selected.

In addition to this, I may be starting a new position in another firm that may not match this exact noc code but may fit into another one - is that ok? Am I able to select separate nocs for multiple jobs?

Thank you!