High earners in Canada

Where do you invest apart from RRSP and TFSA?

Our household income is 18K per month. We max out our RRSP and TFSA. What else we can do to invest more to retire early? We spend 4.5k per month on housing, other monthly expenses. 7-8K RRSP and TFSA.

not into Canadian overvalued housing as we may leave to the US once getting citizenship. (Probably in 2 years). Can we invest now in the US? If so how should we plan it?

Thank you in advance.


Is it 18K after tax or before tax?

Based on your risk appetite (decreasing order), few options:

  1. Crypto market: Market is bear - the right time to invest. You can cash out in any currency. Please note volatility here is very high!!
  2. Stock Market: Stocks - same market is bear, you can use USA based stock exchange
  3. Not sure if the US allows foreign real estate investment.