House rental price estimate

Does anyone have an estimate on rental rates for 3 bedroom houses in any of theses areas?
I appreciate any response. Thanks.

You can get an estimate on Its like craigslist but more commonly used in Toronto and GTA.

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Thanks but I already moved :slight_smile:

Hi @am1, could you share the average rental for a 3 br (or 2br) in these areas for potential future movers? Also, would most of the independent house have an extra den/basement or it’s an optional feature?


Guelph, Waterloo are options only if you are working in the area, most near by tech companies are in Kitchener-Waterloo. Although there is a direct train connection from Guelph to downtown Toronto, the commute is long and probably not worth doing long term.

Generally speaking, in Guelph, Milton and Oakville: I found 3 bedroom houses between $2100 - $2700/month depending on: square footage, condition, yard size, basement (completed or not), detached/not. Like any other place, better and more desirable house cost more. I did not look at anything beyond $2700/m so I don’t know whats there in that price range.

Yes, almost all the houses had basement; some where fully finished with multiple bedrooms/bathrooms.

That’s great info, thanks @am1
I am looking close to Vaughan, Markham or Richmond hill and rents for 3 br homes or 2 br condos are similar in the range of 2000 - 2800 CAD.
Were you able to find a short term lease? Bcoz everywhere I checked, they want a 1 year lease. pretty constraining if someone plans to buy soon.

Np; yeah one year lease seems pretty standard. You can probably find shorter ones, might take more time to find. There are some provisions in Ontario lease agreement for early lease termination and subletting, you might want to take a look at that.

Hello there,
Thanks for your insight on the areas. We had a question:-

  • Any idea on how are the school districts in these neighborhoods( Vaughan, Markham or Richmond Hill)? I am unable to find much information via site. If you know of any other site as well do let us know.

Appreciate it!


Generally, Fraser ratings provide the school ratings but they are based solely on EQAO scores, so don’t generally take into account any other factors that you would see in US school ratings (like student rations, teacher/principal scores, extra curricular activities).

For me, only options were Richmond Hill, Markham and some portions of Vaughan as they were close to my work place and all have good schools. You can hardly go wrong with schools in RH/Markham but Vaughan has some areas which you would want to avoid mostly in East Vaughan. You can look at Thornhill also as that provide good options close to these areas.

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Thanks for the response!! I will take a look at the options as mentioned. The amount of available homes around these areas is slightly lower than I anticipated! Will further research in the areas around.

Appreciate it!