How do I answer the number of academic years completed question?

While filling express entry form, im asked about number of academic years completed.
I only considered masters since that is the one i got evaluated from wes. Actual prog took 1 year 4months
so i answered “1” while filling the form.
Is that correct?

There should be a little question mark on the form that will show you further details about the question. This should say “Supported by a final transcript” which means you will have to enter the official number of years for your prog as stated on your transcripts.

I checked the transcript. It has no mention of official number of years. It just mentions when i took those courses.

Sure but WES should mention the years on their report.

WES report does not say the duration. :frowning:
I have put 1 year for now as it does not accept decimal or strings.

Name on Credential: John Doe
Credential Authentication: Documents were sent directly by the institution
Country: United States of America
Credential: Master of Science
Year: 2011
Awarded By:
Status: Recognized Institution
Canadian Equivalency: Master’s degree

Ignore. WES does not add that information to the result. There must be some information on how long officially the degree is. For example my BS for 4 years officially.

Adding to . My MS is two years, however I completed it in 3 semesters (1.5 years) I still put down two as that is the official duration of the course.

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Sorry I missed this you have to use the @ symbol to tag someone in the message. For this question in the application it says “As supported by a final transcript.” under information. See your transcript I suspect it will say 2 year degree.