How do I answer this question about secondary applicant’s education details?

I’m in Pre-ITA phase. While filling the Express Entry forms I ran into below question.

My wife is primary applicant and we have done ECA for her degree. I’m secondary applicant. While filling the forms related to study for secondary applicant, I saw below question in screenshot.


On selecting “Yes”, it opens up all the questions related to education and degree that I hold along with ECA information.

On selecting “No”, it does not ask any question on education.

I don’t have ECA done for my degree and I am not claiming point for this. I’m confused weather I should enter my details or not, since I read somewhere that we should not enter the information if we are not claiming the points, since later we will be asked to show the proof.

So I have two below options:

  1. Select “No”, not entering my education details. I’m afraid if I am misrepresenting the facts since I have bachelors’ degree.

  2. Select “Yes”, add my education detail. While selecting weather I have done ECA for my degree or not, I select “No”. I’m not sure if I’ve been asked to show any proof in this case.

Please note, I’m not claiming points for my degree here.

Please advise.

I think option number 2 sounds right since going with option 1 would be misrepresentation.

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Thanks :smile: @mrandmrs