How do I know if WES completed ECA for Masters or Bachelor's?


hey Vignesh…
you shared your story about your’s wife’s masters ECA being complete by WES and for bachelor’s still being evaluated…and then you told initial order was for both masters and bachelors with WES…

So how did you come to know that WES completed for Masters and not for Bachelors?
Did they gave you ECA report with masters only and told you they were still evaluating bachelors or waiting for bachelors transcripts?

and Finally what happened in your wife’s case…


Should I submit Express Entry profile yet?

When you check the WES status online they clearly tell you what is pending and what is needed. For her, MS had an update and UG stated pending / missing information. So we had to follow up. They never do separate orders until unless you request them.

We called to see if changing our report requirement would speed things up. Unfortunately, it did not. We waited for the complete evaluation. We submitted our EE today.


thanks for response…
I am in same situation… My masters transcripts were delivered about 18-19 days ago… but my bachelors transcripts would be reaching them in about 12-14 days more…

My current status is “We received your document(s). We are reviewing your document(s).”
They haven’t provided status yet separately for masters and bachelors…

Even i was thinking if i can email/call them asking to just evaluate masters… and some people earlier told they issue ECA with masters only even if bachelors does not reach them… but seems it is not certain…

So i think i have to wait about a month more for final ECA…


Yes, and No. The thing is, since the bachelors will still take 15 days to reach them, and add another 15 - 20 days for processing. That would be a complete month out. In our case, we called them on March 7th asking if we can change and we have received a deadline for the ECA as March 19th. They stated by changing the report request now it will make no change to the deadline (March 19th).

Since they haven’t received bachelors, you could ask them if they can change and what would be the due date. In your case I think they might be able to turn your ECA around in 10 days since the MS has been sitting with them for so long.

Call them tomorrow and see if you can change it. At least see what difference it can man in terms of time.


Do i need to enter work experience for my spouse as well though we are not claiming points for my spouse being secondary applicant …

please confirm…

Also Wednesday will be draw…so can I submit my profile tomorrow as well and still make t in the draw as long as we have score more than cutoff…right ?


You can enter it in personal history rather that work history. That way you are stating that she has experience but you aren’t claiming points for it.

Yes, you should be able to make it into the draw. Note that the timing is important, you will need to submit it early tomorrow so that the system checks your eligibility and get you into the pool. Generally it takes a few hours. So make sure you submit it in the morning.


So do you mean we select “NO” in work history of secondary applicant?
Will that be correct representation ?


I don’t remember how it looks like and what shows up you if you select YES or NO, maybe someone with recent experience can answer.


If we select YES then it asks for details… like from to date… employer name…country city… etc.
and we can add multiple rows if multiple experiences.

if we select NO then it does not ask anything further…


Let’s put it this was, you sent going to claim points for her. In that case the answer should be no. Post ITA include it in the personal history.