How Global Talent Stream works

How can I apply for a job in Canada under Global Talent Stream? what are the job websites to search under this prog? I signup on "Want a job in canadian Tech? " page but didn’t get any response.

You probably got a mail asking you to create a profile. We’re working with companies here to help them find the talent they need from these profiles. It does take a little time but if your skills are something the tech companies here are looking for them they send out an email to talk further with you.

GTS is specially limited to software developer related hiring. We’re on-boarding more companies onto the platform so they can behind searching for the talent they need. It’s usually more experienced tech talent that they are looking for.

Outside of that if there are any specific companies you want to reach out to let me know I can try and make a direct introduction.

@anon25417004 Hi , My husband is interested in getting a work permit through GTS. He has 15 years experience in Mobile/web/javascript/java/data engineering/architect/project management roles. We are seriously looking at moving to Canada on a work visa.Please advise how he should conduct job search. Residing in Bay area at present.
Awaiting guidance from you.

GTS is not something you can apply for. It is a visa a Canadian company can hire him under and bring him to Canada quickly (2 weeks to a month). Also it’s only limited to software development / engineering roles. There are obviously several ways to find tech jobs in Canada but the problem is most are only open to local or PRs not.

This is why I have created MOV North HIRE he can signup and create a profile. Several Canadian tech companies and startups look for international tech talent on it. Based on his skills he’ll receive jobs or be directly contacted by companies looking to hire for his skills. Companies on MOV North HIRE are specifically looking for tech talent from outside Canada.

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He already signed up. Got one response. Can he send you his CV directly?

Sending me his CV won’t help I don’t manually forward resume’s around there are too many profiles and quite a few companies looking to hire. Also I don’t have any control over who one of these companies wants to hire. If he gets a job that matches his skills he can apply the company’s hiring team will screen his profile and get back to him if it’s a fit for them.

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I am 14 years experienced IT Professional in US and looking for Performance Testing roles in Canada. Currently working as Performance Test Lead/Sr.Performance Tester for a very large retailer in their IT Business. Please share the link where I can create my profile. I am sure there should be companies in Canada looking for my skillset or if you know any companies where I can apply could you please let me know so that I can directly apply.