How hard is it to score 7.0 on IELTS?

I have scheduled my IELTS in mid-dec. Im just curious to know how hard is to score 7.0 average on IELTS?
I got 541 on CRS score calculator considering 7.0 as average score in IELTS. Is 541 good enough?

Hi Sreenidhi,

It is not that difficult to score above 7.0 in IELTS. And 541 is a really good score so you should have no issues getting selected. All the best! :slight_smile:

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Hi Sreenidhi,

541 is a pretty good score. Congrats. Application should get selected soon. You can try a IELTS practice test in the British council website to see where you currently stand.

Thank you.

It’s obviously hard to say how much you will receive in IELTS, but I can say this: it is slightly tougher than TOEFL. Most people who come to the US (including me) have given TOEFL to get here, and that was a cakewalk then. I gave IELTS last year to go through the EE process and I’ll be hones: even after spending 7 years here using English in daily life, I felt TOEFL was much easier. I felt that this is mostly because IELTS has 4 sections (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking - one on one). So it’s longer. Also, I felt that the reading (comprehension) was not as easy as other sections; you not only need good English, but also good aptitude/comprehension to answer some of the questions. Personal interview can also be a challenge if your spoken English is not good. All in all, I would say don’t take IELTS lightly. You know your English ability and if you’re confident, IELTS can be a cakewalk as well. If not, then you need some practice (there are free practice tests online).


Like anshul.v.joshi said, the IELTS is indeed slightly tougher than TEOFL. That is because there are 4 sections, all under a time-constraint, asking you to absorb a lot of information in a short period of time. The reading and writing especially require a little bit of effort, even for someone who is a native speaker English. However I feel this should not worry you unless you are going for a perfect score or something. Therefore I feel a 7 should be achievable and am sure you can do it if you practice a bit! Good luck!


Took IELTS 2 weeks ago. Got band 8.0 as average score.
Turns out i had calculated my CRS score wrong. It is 478.

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Congrats that quite the score I would think you should get picked in the next selection.

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Hi all,

Plz excuse me if I am in the wrong thread… I have a quick question in the reading module.

The passage says ‘The state council and (some National committee) sponsor for the medical progs.’
I don’t remember the second one clearly right now.

The question is 'The government and commercial sectors sponsor for the medical progs.
Is the answer true or not given?

This was a question in reading part I wrote on May 12th.


Also are there any tips and tricks to crack the multiple choice questions in the last section of reading? I seem to lose marks there only… All the answers seem to be right and tht confuses me a lot…


I think " not given" means there is NOTHING said about it. This is the rule I followed. Got L9R9W9S8 score.

Thts wonderful! I also answered the same but just wanted to get it clarified :slight_smile: thnx a lot Sherie!

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yup agree also get losts of academic material