How many times can one write IELTS and is there a waiting period between exams?


I have a current CRS score of 414 based on the website. I want to take the IELTS to aim for a band 9 score. My question is if I can write it again if I can’t get the score I am looking for?


You can take IELTS as many time you want. Once you get your desired score, just update your application and re submit it.


I have scored 415 and retaking the IELTS test in Aug to improve CRS. Is it advisable to apply for ITA now and update it later with my new improved scores?
Apply for ITA fresh only after 2nd attempt in Aug?


Might as well re-take IELTS since 415 is below the cutoff.


@avj, Right Anshul plan is definitely to retake the test. But the question is should I apply with my current scores and then UPDATE with new scores to get a lead in the pool?


Unless the cutoff drops below 415 (which is unlikely) it doesn’t make a difference if your application is in the pool or not.


Okay, never knew about the UPDATE option for ITA. Got it, I might as well wait for my second attempt scores and then apply for ITA. Thanks for your response(s)